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Juan Stockenstroom is an artist based in Cape Town. He has exhibited in the Netherlands, France and more recently in 2018 his first solo show in South Africa.

Initially working in photography, Stockenstroom abandoned the medium as he found it too restrictive thus allowing him to naturally progress to painting.

The medium of painting unlocked a new universe, allowing him to explore and create an ongoing visual language.  Siting his aesthetic influences from the likes of Jean-Michell Basquiat, Jean Du Buffett and Cy Twombly.

Stockenstroom’s alter ego -“King Champion” was birthed as a direct response to the current primary focus of his work: The often clouded history and myth involved in Africa’s colonised history. 

His images are reconstructions, riddles and mashups of the lost & distorted historical narratives of Africa and its diaspora, juxtaposed with mythology, symbolism and contemporary global culture presenting an ambiguous narrative in the work itself.




t: (South Africa) +27 (0) 765529270