B. 1982, Cape Town, SA.

Juan Stockenstroom is a South African artist.

Initially working in photography, Stockenstroom abandoned the medium as he found it quite limiting. This realisation allowed him to start focusing on painting. Siting his aesthetic influences from Art Brut and Neo Expressionism.

He works under the moniker of a fictional character called King Champion. His universe is multi-layered informed by personal experiences growing up as a person of mixed race in Post Apartheid South Africa. He extracts from his life experiences to create his work: Reconstructions, riddles and mashups of the lost & distorted historical narratives of Africa and its diaspora. Juxtaposed with mythology, symbolism, cryptology, gang culture and high culture presenting an ambiguous narrative in the work itself.



e:  studio@juanstockenstroom.com

t: (South Africa) +27 (0) 765529270