Juan Stockenstroom‘s interest is informed by the experimentation of photography, sculpture and post-production, and how in particular these practices intersect and conflict.  He conceives photography as a process where both chance and decision contribute to the final presentation of his work. Between the release of the shutter and final printed image, a relentless exploration and experimentation takes place.  The basic photograph doesn’t render as just an image but rather as the result of cause and effect. His process itself is never the same and adapts to the object or subject that is being studied. He is curious about the way in which visual content impacts society. His work is concerned with the everyday mundane meeting subtle twists which is often forced in the post production processes to create a "visual hyperbole".

Juan Stockenstroom was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1982. After working for several years as a Photographic Retoucher & Creative Director, he decided to shift his focus and pursue an artistic practice.   His work has been featured in both print and web publications like Der Greif, Paper Journal and The Latent Image. He has exhibited in both Europe and South Africa.




t: (South Africa) +27 (0) 765529270




2018 - (Upcoming) Otherness - Solo Exhibition | PH Centre|Photographic Gallery         Cape Town | South Africa

2018 - Fogtdals FotoTestamente, Photos I will always remember - Denmark

       (Photographic Book Publication)

2017 - IPOY Award - Fine Art - 2nd Winner - Silver        

2017 - Thread Count - Unseen Amsterdam (Group Show)

2017 - Nuit de l’Année at Les Rencontres d’Arles (Group Show - Projection)

2017 - Der Greif Guest Blog (Online Guest Blog feature)

2017 - Der Greif- Artist Feature (Online feature)

2017 - Paper Journal (Online feature)

2017 - Der Greif -10th Jubilee Edition (Printed Publication)

2017 - Lalela Project - Talk & Workshop 

2017 - The Latent Image (Online feature)

2017 - Subject Matter (Online feature)

2016 - Igant - (Online Feature)

2016 - ADA -(Online Feature)

2015 - Between 10 and 5 (online interview)

2015 - Platnum, NYC (showcase)

2015 - Behance - Photography Served, featured selection

2014 - Cape Town - Month of Photography - Group Exhibition

2013 - Colour Awards  - 2x Honourable Mentions - Fine Art

2012 - Lucies International Photographic Awards - Honourable Mention - Fine Art

2012 - 2012 - Lucies International Photographic Awards - Honourable Mention -

       Fine Art -Portraiture.